Review: The Aerobie Aeropress – Coffee Maker Review

Review: The Aerobie Aeropress – Coffee Maker Review

the aerobie aeropress coffee maker review
The simple design of the Aerobie Aeropress seems like a gimmick at the first glance. But when you hear people raving about the product on Amazon and elsewhere, it surely raises some curiosity about this coffee maker. You have to use it once to understand why the Aerobie Aeropress is fast developing a cult following. Brewing coffee with this device is pretty easy; it makes coffee in a jiffy and is extremely easy to clean.

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We can tell you with confidence that the Aerobie Aeropress will brew a great cup of coffee every time. And if you have used different kinds of coffee systems in the past, you will most likely get latched on to this one for the next few years.

Main Features of the Aerobie Aeropress

  • Simple two piece design – The design of this coffee maker comprises of has two main pieces – a) Chamber where you need to place the coffee grounds and b) Plunger.
  • Flexibility of filters – You get the choice of using this coffee maker with paper filters or with a good quality reusable filter of mesh. But regardless of the filter, this coffee maker will most likely deliver a solid cup of coffee. At least, that’s what a number of certified consumers have to say.
  • 1-4 cups of coffee at once – The device can brew up to four cups of coffee at one go.
  • Innovative micro filter – The credit for the flavorful coffee goes to the micro filter which ensures that the coffee is grit free.
  • Coffee ready in less than 60 seconds – The Aerobie Aeropress brews you a fine cup of coffee in almost sixty seconds. And out of these sixty seconds, the press time is twenty seconds flat.
  • Concept of total immersion – It works on the concept of brewing with total immersion. This method ensures great extraction and thus, the resulting beverage is more flavorful.

Main Advantages of the Aerobie Aeropress

  • Easy to use – The Aerobie Aeropress is very easy to use and can be used to brew a single or a double shot of espresso. Just place the filter in the AeroPress chamber and tightly close the cap. Now, place the grounds and put the Aerobie Aeropress on your favorite mug. Add some hot water and stir the coffee with the stirrer. Next, insert the plunger and apply pressure for about half a minute. Count till twenty and your shot of espresso will be ready.
  • Multiple beverages – It can be used to make double espressos, milky Americanos and even creamy lattes; just pour milk instead of water.
  • Faster than drip coffee brewer – If you compare the timings of the Aerobie Aeropress with that of a standard drip coffee brewer, you will realize that the former takes considerably less time.
  • Use water at 175 degrees – You will get the best results if you ensure the right water temperature; also, boil a fresh kettle of water each time you need to brew coffee.
  • Very smooth coffee – The machine makes the best use of the hot water and manual pressure, to produce a smooth cup of coffee. The cuppa will have no acidity and we doubt if it will ever be bitter.
  • No grit whatsoever – The micro-filter ensures that your coffee is absolutely clean and tastes fresh.
  • Use any type of grind – This indeed is a great feature. Unlike other espresso machines, you can use any kind of grind in this coffee maker.
  • No warming of the porta filter – Unlike other machines, the Aerobie Aeropress has no porta-filter head; therefore, pre-warming isn’t required.
  • No special cleaning needed – There is little or no maintenance required. Unlike other coffee makers, there is no need to de-scale the machine. And since there is no showerhead, no disassembly is required either. The plunger can be cleaned in ten seconds or less by rinsing it under running water.
  • Amount of water will determine the strength – You get to decide on just how strong the coffee should be.

Is This The Coffee Maker For You?

Be it price (just around $30), usage, cleaning-ease, durability, coffee quality or brew speed, this coffee maker would score a least 9 (our higher) on a scale of 10! At such a great price, what more could anyone possibly ask for! Click here to find this coffee maker at the lowest price on Amazon.

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