Review: Behmor Brazen Plus – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Behmor Brazen Plus – Coffee Maker Review

behmor brazen plus coffee maker review
The Behmor Brazen Plus has all the features that most of us adore from the first generation of coffee makers. It has temperature control, a pre-soak function, calibration in elevation and it delivers an amazing cup of coffee, every time. The Behmor Brazen Plus comes with some essential upgrades too. You will be able to experience control and pleasure as you pour the perfect cup of brewed coffee in your kitchen. The thermal carafe has also improved and is sure to leave you impressed.

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If you are a coffee lover who knows precisely how coffee tastes at different brewing temperatures, the Behmor Brazen Plus is just the right coffee maker for you. With this model, you can control the temperature of the water before it actually hits the beans. And you needn’t worry about lukewarm water hitting your favorite beans. Only when the water is heated up sufficiently, will it be released in order to extract the maximum juice from the beans.

The Behmor Brazen Plus is also the perfect machine for people who lead busy, stressful lives and have very little time at hand to brew a cup of coffee on a daily basis. The coffee maker only takes six minutes to make 8 cups of coffee.

Some users may find the controls a little tricky to use at first. But, once you get the hand of it, operating the appliance is very easy.

What are the Main Features of the BEHMOR BRAZEN PLUS?

You have two modes to choose from when you consider the Behmor Brazen Plus as your next coffee maker. You can either choose the flat bottom with the paper filter or go for the premium model with a gold-toned permanent filter.

Whatever your choice, you needn’t worry about its brewing ability; the model meets the requirements laid down by Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) for home brewing.

Here’s a list of features for your perusal:

  • Linear design – The Behmor Brazen Plus features a linear design which is simple and compact.
  • Stainless steel tank – The water tank is made of stainless steel and offers easy accessibility.
  • Adjustable temperatures – The coffee maker offers a wide range in temperature; you can set it anywhere from 190° to 210° F.
  • Oversized showerhead – The key component of this model is its extra big showerhead which ensures that the coffee grounds are well soaked. The flavor extraction is more effective and high on strength. It also ensures that the entire lot of beans get soaked by water and at a set temperature. With 31 holes, it is possible to cover each and every corner of the beans. A dull cup of coffee is a bleak possibility with this coffee maker.
  • Stainless steel carafe – Unlike other models, the carafe is made of top quality stainless steel which ensures that the coffee stays warm for a long time.
  • Adjustable brewing temperature – You will be in complete control of your cup of coffee, as you can tweak the temperature according to your taste. The elevation calibration comes very handy for users who are living in high altitudes.
  • LCD display – You don’t need to listen in to wonder what’s happening. The model has an LCD display with a clock to keep you informed at all times. And if you select the gold tone model, that comes with an Auto Start and Memory feature too.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning – The basket of the filter is dishwasher safe. But the lid of the carafe should be cleaned by hand.
  • Two years warranty – The Behmor Brazen Plus comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Pre soak setting – You also get this unique feature that allows the coffee to bloom, before you brew it, in order to extract maximum flavor.
  • Programmable brewing- You can set the brewing time on your Behmor Brazen Plus and wake up to a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Chief Advantages of the BEHMOR BRAZEN PLUS

The Behmor Brazen Plus is a great choice if you are looking to upgrade your coffee maker or searching for your first coffee maker.

Mode Button –

This simple button lets you control the time for brewing, the time for pre-soaking, the temperature for brewing and also the clock time.

Auto-on –

The Behmor Brazen Plus can be auto started at any time of the day.

Great reviews –

Most users have written great reviews for the pre soak function and vouched for the fact that it enhanced the flavor of the coffee. It can be programmed from 15 seconds to 4 minutes.

Try the manual release –

You can also try your hand at a pour-over. Try the Chemex carafe function and it will enable you to release the hot water in any container other than the carafe. You can set the temperature, remove the carafe and use the Behmor Brazen Plus as a kettle for gourmet teas.

Impressive filter basket –

The capacity of the gold tone model is huge; in fact, it is 15% more than the previous models. The beans get enough space to bloom and there is no overflowing.

Save the settings –

You can use ‘saved’ settings. So, you can walk up half asleep to your Behmor Brazen Plus and set your coffee to brewing.

Indicates the water capacity –

The water reservoir indicates its capacity at all times. You can see the markings from 40 ounces and 30 ounces.

Shuts off on its own

– Once you are down brewing, you don’t need to switch Off the machine. It switches Off on its own.

The only cons that can be mentioned about this machine are few and not so significant. The controls can be a little tricky in the beginning. Some users were not very happy about the permanent staining of the filter.

Should You Get This Coffee Maker?

The coffee maker is no doubt a bit expensive but at sites like Amazon, you can find it at a much lesser price. It’s a highly versatile product, offers great brewing speed, looks great, will last long and is easy to clean. Click here to read reviews by certified consumers on Amazon.

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