Review: Bella Dots – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Bella Dots – Coffee Maker Review

bella dots coffee maker review The Bella Dots is one of the best looking coffee makers in the market today. With this beautiful device, you get to have tasty coffee and in the brew of your choice. The Bella Dots promises to deliver piping hot coffee every time. This coffee maker model was designed to be a winner but the flimsy filter does disappoint some users. The device comes highly recommended for its looks and functionality. The product is priced evenly and offers you good value for the money spent.  The Bella Dots has almost all features that you’d expect from a modern day coffee maker. In terms of looks, the coffee maker delivers well; it also makes a cup of outstanding coffee on a consistent basis. Most users wow for its durability and have been using it for many years. When you get a Bella Dots home, you get the opportunity to brew 12 cups of flavorful coffee at the touch of a button. The colorful looks and the stainless steel display will add style to your kitchen. Needless to mention, your mornings will become much more enjoyable with a pot of freshly brewed coffee. You can choose your model in blue, red, purple, orange, green, pink or black. You may consider the kitchen countertop texture/color as well as the overall kitchen décor while finalizing the color, should you want to purchase this coffee maker.

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What are the Main Features of the Bella Dots?

Besides its colorful appearance, Bella Dots comes packed with a host of appealing features. Some of the main features have been listed below:

  • Removable filter basket – Bella Dots has an inbuilt basket, which can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • Commercial filter – The coffee maker comes with a reusable filter. The filter is of good quality.
  • Pause feature – If you want to pour yourself a cup of coffee mid way through brewing, you can just use the pause feature and pour yourself a cup any time.
  • Auto-Off function – The model switches Off on its own and has an Auto Of function with two hours range.
  • Selection of brew – You can select the strength of brew according to your taste. Pick anything from mild to strong.
  • Informative display – The coffeemaker also displays the time since the last brew.
  • Storage for cords- the Bella Dots also has hidden space for storing the cord.
  • Durable materials – The coffee maker is made from durable materials.
  • Heating plate of good capacity – It has an inbuilt heating plate. The capacity of this heating plate is 900 watts.
  • Quick heating ability– The heater in the Bella Dots can reach 195degress to 204degrees F in just about 5 to 6 minutes.

Key Benefits of Owing a Bella Dots Coffee Maker

  • Convenient handling – The Bella Dots is very easy to handle. You can fill the reservoir easily, place the filter with convenience and also detect the amount of coffee left in the machine. The controls are also very easy to use.
  • Handling of the carafe – The handle of the carafe is designed for maximum appliance operating comfort. The design is such that there is no dripping while pouring.
  • Single serve or multiple brews – Bella Dots can easily handle the demand for a single or multiple cups at any time. You can also pour yourself a cup by pressing the lever and placing your cup under it.
  • Reusable filter – The filter can be replaced once it has been used to its capacity. The filters for this model are easily available.

The Negatives

Like any other coffee maker, Bella Dots too has got some disadvantages. Some users have complained at reputed review websites that the coffee maker does not always brew coffee at the right temperature. The coffee at times can be scalding hot and therefore, you need to be careful. Since the reservoir is not come with an auto fill feature, you will need to pull it out of the cabinet to fill the water and coffee for a refill. The good news is that refilling the reservoir is quick and easy.

Is this the right coffee maker for you?

For its price, Bella Dots offers a nice bunch of features. It’s a value product overall. Coffee quality is at par with several other coffee makers in this price segment. The product isn’t exactly the best in terms of ease-of-use but when it comes to cleaning ease, durability and appearance, Bella Dots does indeed score really high. Click here to read consumers and find this product at the best price online.

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