Review: Black and Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Coffeemaker Review

Review: Black and Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Coffeemaker Review

black and decker dcm18s brew n go coffeemaker review
Do you always find yourself on your toes every morning so much so that you would definitely miss your cuppa every other day? Have you ever wished to have coffee right on the go—in your car, or in the tube or whatever? If yes, we possibly have the perfect solution for you.

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With the new Black and Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Coffeemaker around, you will never have to miss your refreshing cup of java right in the morning. It is accompanied by a 15 ounce coffee mug made of stainless steel that keeps your java piping hot for many hours at a stretch! And, its lightning fast brewing speed is surely going to mesmerize all! Your coffee will be ready in just about 5 minutes!

But, like we always say, go through a detailed review to make an informed purchase decision. Here, we explain some of the most important features of DCB18S:

Features of this Coffeemaker

Here we have summed up few important features of this coffeemaker that will help you to decide whether it is the one for you—

  • Not So Durable Construction: As far as durability is concerned, the Brew n’ Go Coffeemaker is a big letdown. Besides, since B&D doesn’t manufacture it anymore, you will certainly be taking quite some risk while purchasing this product. But, don’t stop reading just yet. There’s more to this highly affordable machine.
  • Non-Programmable: The coffeemaker doesn’t come with any programmable features, not even a timer. Just plug it in, switch it on, and the brewer begins its work. The absence of an auto shut-off button after the brew makes the coffeemaker all the more hassled for people who like most things in their life to be either automated or at least well organized.
  • Quality of the Brewer: The coffeemaker is mostly built of plastic sans any BPA rating. The appearance is also very plain and simple, and the lack of programmable functionality fuels this negativity. However, the provision of stainless steel thermos mug and reusable filter works wonders.

Some of the Main Advantages of the Coffeemaker

We have enumerated a few advantages that may possibly motivate you to buy this coffee maker for home use.

  • Price: At around $20 on Amazon, this coffeemaker is indeed a steal. You won’t find many coffee making machines at such an attractive price tag, really! It may not have amazing durability, but the additional travel mug and jet speed brewing may just be the reasons for your purchase.
  • Coffee Quality: It may not produce the best tasting coffee, but it doesn’t produce a tasteless and bland cup of coffee either. For every average coffee drinker, it does a fair job of making fine tasting coffee.
  • Brew Speed: Within just about 5 minutes, you get to brew a mug of coffee. Now, that’s jet speed for a 20 dollar coffee maker, we’d say!
  • Reusable Filter: The provision of reusable filter along with a travel mug is an amazing bonus of purchasing this coffeemaker.

The Negative Aspects of this Brewer

The BD Brew n’ Go is an average coffeemaker that fulfils the purposes of people who are always on the go. There are, however, certain negative aspects (discussed in features section above) that make this brewer quite a dull product. Sans any added features and programmable modes, this is not really a versatile brewer that we all would wish for. Also, cleaning the narrow reservoir may be quite irksome too. And, it isn’t a fancy piece either that you’ll love to adorn your kitchen with.

Should You Buy Black and Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Coffeemaker?

It is a nice machine for those who are always on the go, and love to drink piping hot coffee while traveling. At about $20 (that’s the cost of about 6 cups of coffee at a local café), you won’t really be upset of this product which brews fairly flavored coffee. If you don’t mind anything else, then it’s a good product to meet your everyday coffee needs. Click here to read reviews by certified consumers and find this product at the best price online.

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