Review: Bodum Chambord – The Coffee Maker Review

Review: Bodum Chambord – The Coffee Maker Review

bodum chambord - the coffee maker review
Coffee lovers know the virtues of a French press and will go to great lengths to nurture their passion. You need to try out a coffee cup brewed in this machine to experience what you have been missing out as a coffee lover. Ardent coffee drinkers are in agreement that a French press at home is the best device for making café style gourmet coffee. This coffee maker, ideally suited for small kitchens, makes every cup suited to your personal taste without much of a fuss. The sleek and tall design of the machine takes up little kitchen space.

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You may have spotted this device in Dwell magazine display spreads and always desired to own one of them. The classic design and the coffee excellence that it promises, does catch the fancy of many ardent coffee fans. Not just hot brews, the machine works pretty well as a cold brew press too. So you get two machines for the price of one.

What are the Main Features of the Bodum Chambord Coffee Maker

  • Capacity of 8 cups – The coffee maker can brew upto eight cups at one go. Just pour your coffee, stir it a little, press the plunger and let it sit for 24 hours.
  • Good quality carafe – The carafe is made of fine quality thermal glass. So it might look dainty but it is a tough cookie. The device also includes a scoop for coffee and a permanent filter.
  • Different sizes – The coffee maker is available in four different sizes so pick one suiting your needs. You may want to consider the available kitchen counter space as well as the cabinet/box where you intend to store it (if you want that) when not in use.
  • Patented lock lid system – This coffee maker will never splash hot brew on you. Even when you press the plunger, the lid ensures the hot water stays inside in the French press. So, there is no reason for you to worry about getting any burns now or anytime in future just because you are not always careful with such appliances.
  • Stainless steel frame –The frame and the lid of the coffee maker have chrome plating, which stays just the same for many years. The plunger is made of stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic handle – The handle of the carafe is made of polypropylene that gives it a firm non-slip grip. All plastic parts of the coffee maker are BPA free. Yet another reason for you to be happy about!
  • Black and white imprints – The coffee marker comes with clear markings, making it easy for everyday use. The markings in white are for the quantity in ounces and the ones in black, helps you count the number of cups.

Chief Advantages of the Bodum Chambord

  • Flavorful coffee – Even hard to please snobbish coffee lovers agree that the brew from this coffee maker is most flavorful and rich.
  • Visual delight – The coffee maker has very stylish looks that will blend well with your kitchen top. Even after you pour coffee from it, it looks just as pretty.
  • Reason for entertaining – This coffee maker can become a part of a collector’s item for a coffee lover. It gives you a valid reason to call over friends and flaunt it to them.
  • No paper filters – This is one of the best features of this coffee maker as there is no requirement for any additional paper filters.
  • Very easy to clean – Once the plunger gets locked with the catcher, you just need to pull it out in order to remove the coffee grounds. Some mild soap and warm water should do an easy cleaning job.

Is this the perfect French Press for you?

It comes very close to being perfect, but is not one. No matter what the makers claim, it definitely takes a little longer to get the coffee ready. Some users also observed presence of sediment in the coffee. It should work best with a coarse grind, which of course would increase brewing time a little. So if you want a good cup of coffee, simply focus on pouring water at the right temperature and seep the coffee for the right time period. Overall, the coffee maker is a good buy if you wish to enjoy good coffee every day and want a product that will last many years. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online and read reviews by certified consumers.

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Review: Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker Review

Review: Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker Review

bodum santos vacuum coffee maker review
Here we come again with yet another coffeemaker review. This time it is the Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker. The first look of it might suggest a chemistry laboratory unit but on inspection, you may be surprised to find it to be a coffeemaker!

The working style of this coffeemaker is quite different and somewhat interesting too! The appliance resembles an hourglass. Yes, really! See for yourself.

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You have to place filtered, cold water on the lower globe and put the coarsely ground coffee in the upper part. There is a plastic filter attached between the globes. Next, the appliance is placed on a burner or a hot plate. As the water boils, it is transferred from the lower to the upper globe.

Once “almost” all the water is transferred to the upper globe where it infuses with the coffee grounds, you have to remove it from the burner. The coffee gets vacuumed back to the lower one through the attached filter. If you’re witnessing it for the first time, you may as well be awestruck by its working procedure!

An Overview of Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker

Ask yourself if you are okay with its non-traditional and different brewing method.  Like every product, this one also comes with a set of positives and negatives. Let’s chart them one by one to find out whether the product is worth your money or not.

  • Quality of the Brewer: If you want a coffeemaker that brews the perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount of bitterness and amazing flavor, then this is it! In fact, according to some reviewers, the Bodum Santos can brew amazing quality coffee even with inferior quality coffee grounds and beans. But that necessarily doesn’t give any of us the liberty to go for inferior coffee beans or grounds.
  • Easy To Use: Since it doesn’t employ the traditional brewing process, making coffee for the first few times may irk you. You may also find the instruction manual quite insufficient to meet the ends. You will have to experiment a few times. Once you get a hang of it, using the coffee maker is easy!
  • Design: With its all-glass surface and different design, the Bodum Santos enhances the décor of your kitchen to a great level. The handle may seem a bit awkward but no points deducted for it! It’s sleek design and useful features make it a statement appliance.
  • Durability: The Bodum Santos loses points when it comes to its durability. With its thin and all-glass design, it becomes quite a vulnerable piece. The manual says its dishwasher safe, but you better not take your chances! In fact, even a seemingly harmless warm water rinse, can prove costly.
  • The Filter: As far as the filter is concerned, some reviewers have given it thumbs down owing to its breakdown after few weeks. Also, there have been issues with the incapability of the component to filter the coffee properly.
  • Fragile: With its all-glass body, the product is fragile. If you cannot handle something so delicate, you might as well opt for a coffee maker with a sturdy construction quality.

Advantages of Bodum Santos that You should know About

For your convenience, we have listed out some important advantages of using this product.

  • Ease of Usage: You may face a bit of trouble in the beginning due to its different design, but once you get a hold of it, you can make amazing cuppas in no time!
  • Quality of Coffee: This brewer is one of the best in its segment when it comes to the quality of the brew. It provides you with the perfect cup of java with the right amount of bitterness, amazing aroma and flavor.
  • Ease of Cleaning: One of the best features of this product is its ease of cleaning. You just need to rinse it with plain water, and you’re done. And, never forget to let the residue accumulate into the globes. Yes, it does need cleaning more often than the other appliances but it’s relatively easier to clean too.
  • Stylish Built: The coffeemaker is stylishly built with a unique design. Yes, it has got thin glass and somewhat troublesome handle and built-in filter but overall, it’s a good product at a competitive price of around $80.

The Bodum Santos team, many users have reported, doesn’t do a good job when it comes to customer service. And, considering the price you pay for this appliance, you would at least want a decent customer care.

Should You Get This Coffee Maker?

With the much longer brewing time (at 10 minutes minimum) and high maintenance, this product is best for those leisurely cups of coffee! If you need that refreshing cup in the morning and need it really fast, this is not the right machine for you. The coffee maker scores well as far as brewing speed, cleaning ease, user friendliness and other such parameters are concerned. Click here to read reviews by certified consumers and find this product at the best price online.

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Review: Bodum Brazil French Press – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Bodum Brazil French Press – Coffee Maker Review

bodum brazil french press coffee maker review
When you see the top lists of the best French press machines in the market, you are sure to see the Bodum Brazil French Press right at the top or near it. Coffee drinkers all over the globe have been using products from the house of Bodum for decades and totally vouch for their superior performance. The products from Bodum are functional, affordable and very aesthetically beautifully.

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If you are looking for a French press that looks classy and also delivers on the promise of preparing great tasting coffee, you may really want to consider the Bodum Brazil French Press. A good French press is always a good investment that enriches your coffee drinking experience.

Main Features of the Bodum Brazil French Press

  • Enough capacity – The coffee maker is deal for coffee lovers who like to cherish their cup of coffee in peace. It makes 4 oz of fine coffee. This much quantity is ideal for two to three people.
  • Innovative carafe – The coffee maker has a carafe made of borosilicate glass. This makes the machine durable and highly heat resistant. The handle is ergonomic and totally BPA free. It can also be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless steel mesh for better flavor – The design of the coffee maker incorporates a stainless steel mesh, which helps in extracting the fragrant oils from the coffee; the beverage therefore carries a delicate flavor.
  • Well designed plunger – The Bodum Brazil French Press has a well crafted plunger which needs very little pressure to extract acids and oils from it.
  • Classic look – Is the look of the coffee maker as important to you as the performance? Bodum Brazil won’t disappoint you! It looks like a high class French pot; it will sure elevate your coffee time. Glance through the product pictures to get a better idea.

Advantages of the Bodum Brazil French Press

  • Easy to clean – The coffee maker is very easy to clean. All you need is some warm water and mild soap.
  • Simple to use and great results – This French press gets rave reviews every time because it is very easy to use and the coffee that it delivers is outstanding.
  • Durable design – If you use the coffee maker with care, it will continue to serve you for a long time. Do NOT use metal spoons in it. Also, avoid rough handling. In that case, this coffee maker may not last long.
  • Good quality plastic and well designed lid – You just need to press the plunger down lightly, no great effort is required. The plastic has a nice feel and is totally heat resistant.
  • Highly Affordable – The coffeemaker is available at a very decent price of around $24.

Should you go for the Bodum Brazil French Press?

One problem worth mentioning is that disposing the grounds can be a little cumbersome as they tend to settle down. Otherwise, this French press is a great product for specialty coffee drinkers. It’s available at a very low price. It is almost impossible to find something as good as Bodum Brazil at this price tag. The easy to use machine is dishwasher safe and delivers great tasting coffee. What else could you ask for about $20-$30? Click here to read consumer reviews on Amazon and find this coffee maker at the best price online.

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