Review: BUNN St. Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer Review

Review: BUNN St. Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer Review

bunn st. velocity brew 10-cup thermal carafe home coffee brewer review
An average coffee maker, the BUNN Velocity Brew comes with really simple and useful features that are quite easy to use, enabling you to brew a cup of coffee in well under five minutes. And the good news is that it makes almost no noise at all.

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So, if you are someone who needs a piping hot cup of coffee really fast before heading out to office or when you reach home after an exhausting day, this coffee maker will not disappoint you.

Before You Buy: What You Should Know About this Coffee Maker

  • Great tasting coffee: If you get hold of a good machine like Bunn ST Velocity Brew, the coffee you brew will have good taste. Change its filter to reusable one and you can have amazingly tasty coffee always.
  • Sturdy Construction: The coffee maker is made mostly with stainless steel. That been said, the coffee maker will last for a really long time. There hasn’t been a single case of a user reporting low product shelf life. So, if you’re purchasing this product, you can be sure of its longevity.
  • Looks good: Shiny surface makes this machine beautiful to look at; it will suit any kind of kitchen décor! To get a better idea, we suggest you take a closer look at the product pictures on Amazon.
  • Using the coffee maker: If you want a piping hot cup of coffee, you can first fill in and clean the carafe using warm water. Since the machine uses thermos 101, this step becomes mandatory. You must also make it a point to plug on this machine 15 minutes before brewing so that the water is hot enough. This may, however, be quite irksome when you’re on the move. Otherwise, this coffee maker is perhaps the simplest of all and doesn’t make use of any whistles or bells. Yes, you do need to preheat the water before brewing coffee, but that toil is absolutely worth the kind of coffee you get.
  • Price: The BUNN Coffee Brewer is neither too expensive nor too cheap. It is priced at around $155. It isn’t as bad as those all-plastic coffee makers or as good as high-end machines that would cost you several hundred dollars.
  • Noiseless: Unlike many products in the market, this brewer is completely noiseless. This becomes quite relaxing when you come home tiresome and just want to savor your favorite beverage peacefully.
  • Jet-Speed Brew: Not every brewer in the market can provide you with an aromatic and tasty cup of java within 5 minutes.

According to some reviewers, the BUNN St. Velocity Brewer fails to retain the strong taste of the coffee. This is mostly due to the poor quality paper filters that miss out on some of the bitterness. However, this limitation can be dealt with by using re-usable coffee filters. And, if you’re okay with not-so-strong coffee, you may just continue using the existing filter.

If you find your coffee completely tasteless, as did one of the reviewers (a minority but we should mention it), you should check with BUNN immediately. It may be because you got a defective piece that needs replacement.

Should You Buy this Coffee Maker?

Besides the numerous benefits, this product also comes with a bunch of drawbacks. Firstly, you have to keep the machine plugged in always; secondly, you have to use pre-heated water every time; and, last but not the least, you may have a hard time measuring the quantity of water. However, if you think you can tackle these small issues, this coffee maker with a promise of long life and good coffee everyday is a good investment. Click here to read reviews by real people who used this coffee maker and find it at the best price online.

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Review: Bunn BT Velocity Brew (Thermofresh) Coffeemaker Review

Review: Bunn BT Velocity Brew (Thermofresh) Coffeemaker Review

bunn bt velocity brew coffeemaker review
10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes or less and really easy to use features at just around $140 – that sums up Bunn BT Velocity Brew Coffeemaker, one of the Bunn’s finest models in coffee makers! The product is loaded with a bunch of useful features that make it a great buy.

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This coffee maker made from commercial grade material with stainless steel accents. BT Velocity Brew is not exactly affordable (we mean, for everyone out there on a budget) but it sure does meet varied coffee needs. For all those heavily addicted to coffee, this coffee maker is a value buy for home or office use. Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

Main Features of the Bunn BT Velocity Brew (Thermofresh)

  • Capacity of 50 ounces – This home brewing premium system can brew ten cups of coffee at one time. It comes very handy for small families and for entertaining friends.
  • Brief brewing period – The coffee maker is capable of finishing the brewing process in just about 3 minutes or less. That is an impressive timeframe for people who are (always) short on time and need a cup ready really quickly.
  • Keeps water hot – This is yet another useful feature. Even when you are not brewing coffee, it keeps a short supply of hot water ready for use. You can use this water to make tea or any other drink.
  • Powerful heater – It has a very well designed stainless steel tank for water storage. It also got an 800 watt heater and an internal thermostat too. The temperature of the water is kept constant so as ensure maximum flavor extraction. Brewing speed too is increased this way.
  • Innovative and patented spray head – The design of the spray head is patented; it helps improve the flavor of the coffee through speedier extraction.
  • No need for a warming plate – The coffee maker has no warming plate, as the stainless steel carafe is vacuum insulated and keeps the coffee hot for you. Don’t worry; the coffee will almost never turn bitter, as it never gets over heated.
  • A convenient Close & Brew lid – The design includes this smart lid which only adds to your comfort when using the coffee maker.
  • Vacation switch – The coffee maker has also got a special vacation switch which detects the machine lying idle and shuts it off completely.
  • 3 year limited warranty – The product comes with a three-year warranty. Bunn is known for its superior customer service; there is no reason for you to worry about having to wait endlessly for replacements or defects, if the need arises. It’s the company in the world to have introduced the first auto-drip coffee maker.

What are the Main Advantages of this Coffee Maker?

  • Perfect brewing – This coffee maker from the house of Bunn ensures perfect brewing and consistent performance. You will enjoy a good cup of coffee every day, for many years to come.
  • High altitude compatible – The coffee maker has proven to be very successful in the high altitude regions. It successfully maintains the temperature at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Effective turbulence – The spray head of the coffeemaker is very impressive. It creates the right amount of turbulence to ensure maximum extraction.
  • Unbreakable carafe – The carafe is easy to clean and completely dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to use – The machine is very easy to use and the instructions are very simple to follow.
  • Very durable – The coffee maker gets rave reviews from users for its durable performance.

Is This The Right Coffee Maker Model For You?

Although this is a good product, it cannot be used while travelling as it has to stay switched ON 24×7. The coffee maker leaves a big foot print and it only brews when the lid is closed.

Several people have complained of a leaky carafe. This problem, however, can be easily solved if you clean the coffee maker on a regular basis.

The coffee maker is ideal for ardent coffee lovers who like machines with quick brewing times. But if you are somebody who likes to have his coffee with fresh water every time, this is not the best machine for you. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price at Amazon or read reviews by certified consumers.

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Review: Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude – Coffee Maker Review

bunn bxbd velocity brew high altitude coffee maker review
If you live in a high altitude area, you may really want to consider Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude. The reason why this coffee maker comes so highly recommended is the fact that it has an inbuilt thermostat that can be used at an altitude of 4,000 feet, and also above it.

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The coffee maker comes from the house of Bunn, whose designs with stainless steel accents have been adored for years. The Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude is a commercial standard brewing system that has been made with top quality materials. It is a powerful combination of all the great features of a coffee machine in one.

This coffee maker has recorded consistent ratings since its arrival in the market. The model has an impressive exterior and functionality is impressive to say the least.

Main Features of the Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude

The coffee maker is sure to impress you with its innovative features. Read on to learn more.

  • Great Capacity – It can make 10 cups of coffee. The quantity of coffee prepared in a single go is enough for a medium sized family.
  • Amazing brewing speed – The coffee maker can brew you a fine cup of coffee in just three minutes.
  • Maintains the temperature – The internal thermostat of the coffee maker maintains a steady temperature; this ultimately helps in delivering a fine cup of coffee every time.
  • Innovative spray head –The design of the spray head is patented. It actually creates turbulence in the funnel, which is effective in extracting the maximum flavor of the coffee.
  • Fine porcelain finish – The warming plate is made of porcelain. The design of this coffee maker is one step ahead of other coffee makers. It has an On/Off switch, which displays correctly if the ideal temperature is being maintained or not.
  • Never seen before glass decanter – The decanter is made of glass and also has an easy grip handle. It comes with a lid that can be closed conveniently.
  • A smart vacation switch – The coffee maker has a switch that shuts down the machine completely upon detecting no usage for many days at a stretch.
  • Made in USA – The coffee maker is completely made in the USA.
  • Circular soaking – The innovative showerhead sprays the grounds with water in a circular motion. Thorough soaking results in superior flavor extraction.

Chief Advantages of the Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude

The coffee maker is most suitable for cold climates. In such areas, maintaining steady temperature is nothing short of a challenge (which is essential for good quality coffee) and the coffee maker solves exactly this problem.

  • Good for busy people – Brew speed is good. It’s a good choice for people who need to finish their daily chores, including coffee preparation really quickly.
  • Easy to clean – The coffee maker is very easy to clean and to operate. So even if you are not much of a techie yourself, you will find the operations very easy. The simplicity of the machine is its biggest feature.
  • A hot cup of coffee every time – This is the biggest strength of this coffee maker. Since it maintains a steady water temperature at 180 – 190 degrees F, the coffee is always flavorful. It will never taste bitter.
  • The brief brewing time is terrific feature – How many other coffee makers can brew a cup of coffee in three minutes? The Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude delivers a great cup of coffee every time.
  • Superior coffee filters – The coffee filters of this coffee machine are of superior quality. Their design is high on the sides, which ensures that the grounds never end up in the coffee. If you want your machine to work smoothly throughout its lifecycle, we recommend you always use the filters from Bunn.

The Cons of the Bunn Bxbd Velocity Brew High Altitude

The coffee maker has no settings that can be programmed. But if you really wish to keep things simple, this should not be a problem for you. Some people may also find this coffee maker to be a little bulky. It may not fit under smaller cabinets or look too big on the counter. This is definitely not a coffee maker for small kitchens. Also, it does not have an Auto Off button; you will have to switch it Off on your own!

Final Words

On the whole, this is a superior quality coffee maker with good construction quality that will serve you for many years to come. You can get programmable coffee makers in the same price range but this model is incredibly durable. It’s a perfect choice if you live in high altitude areas. Click here to find this coffee maker on Amazon or read reviews by certified consumers.

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Review: Bunn Hg Phase Brew – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Bunn Hg Phase Brew – Coffee Maker Review

bunn hg phase brew coffee maker review
The Bunn Hg Phase Brew is a good coffee maker that would live up to most coffee drinkers’ expectations. It is easy to use and makes a great cup of coffee. An elegantly designed coffee maker, it is famous for brewing hot and delicious coffee. The common complaint that coffee lovers have with coffee makers is that the coffee is not hot enough and that, it goes flop upon addition of milk. The Bunn Hg Phase Brew tackles this problem really well and delivers hot coffee every time.

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Products from Bunn are known for their good construction quality and excellent customer service. In this coffee maker, it appears that maximum emphasis has been laid on the process of brewing.  The coffee maker brews tasty coffee every time and there is no alteration in the strength or flavor over time. If you are looking to upgrade your coffee maker, you may want to learn more about its features and advantages it offers.

Main Features of the Bunn Hg Phase Brew

  • Unique technology – Unlike other coffee makers in which the water is boiling at all times, in this coffee maker, the water is boiled to 200 degrees F and then, maintained at that. And since the water is not boiling at all times, you save on your power bills too.
  • Even spraying of beans – The taste of the coffee is very rich and full bodied as beans are sprayed evenly. Uniform soaking of the coffee beans manages to extract a full flavor.
  • Very smart auto function – The Bunn Hg Phase Brew has an auto function that can be used to program the device to brew coffee at the time you want. You can have the coffee ready just when you get out of bed or reach home after work! And don’t worry, the coffee maker will also switch Off on its own when brewing is over.
  • Good capacity of the carafe – The carafe can brew eight cups at one time and can be cleaned easily.
  • Easy cleaning – The coffee maker is very easy to clean. A small light indicator also tells when it’s time for you to clean the coffee maker.
  • Short brewing time – The coffee maker takes only four minutes to brew. There’d be no waiting time involved in the morning when you are (always) short on time.

Main Advantages of the Bunn Hg Phase Brew

  • Great tasting coffee – It makes delicious coffee every time. The even soaking of the beans leads to a maximum extraction of flavor.
  • Very impressive exteriors – The exterior of this coffee maker is made of stainless steel. It looks very sleek and elegant in any kitchen.
  • Easy basket – The brew basket is exposed and can be easily slide out of the front. Refills are very easy and convenient.
  • Choice in carafe – You will also get a choice in carafes; you can choose between a thermal or glass carafe.
  • Programmable clock – The clock feature of the coffee maker is very helpful. You can prepare the grounds a night before, pour the water and wake up to a refreshing cup of coffee.
  • The hot plate – Although it is recommended that the coffee should not stay on the hot plate for more than thirty minutes, most users reported that the taste did not change in two hours also.
  • Indication for cleaning – The carafe is dishwasher safe and the coffee maker is very easy to clean.
  • Great customer service – You can expect great customer service from the house of Bunn!
  • Warranty – The coffee maker comes with a warranty for three years.

We should tell you that the coffee maker does not have a permanent coffee filter. You need to use paper filters in it.

In terms of coffee quality, price, cleaning ease and usage, it’s an excellent coffee maker that would score a definite 8 our 9 out of 10. Click here to read consumer reviews and find this product at the best price on Amazon.

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Review: Bunn Nhbb Velocity Brew – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Bunn Nhbb Velocity Brew – Coffee Maker Review

bunn nhbb velocity brew coffee maker review
The Bunn Coffee Brewer makes tasty coffee but that’s not everything about it. The coffee maker has a unique design features to many find useful – the water can be poured in this coffee make pours in from the front.

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In most coffee makers designed to be placed on kitchen countertops, the water is poured at the backside. This essentially means that each time you need to refill, the coffee maker needs to be turned away from the cabinets for easy access to the reservoir. But when you have a Bunn Nhbb Velocity Brewer at home, you don’t need to move the machine at all.

The time it takes to brew coffee is very brief; you don’t need a digital timer at all. The total time taken for the coffee to get ready is about three minutes. The brewer can be classified as one of the fastest coffee makers in the market. Very few coffee makers can claim to brew a full pot in under 180 seconds.

The coffee from this coffee maker tastes great (brewing speed does not affect the coffee taste) and the machine is designed to last for years. If you hate waiting for your coffee, this may be the ideal coffee maker for you.

Major Features of the Bunn Coffee Brewer

The Bunn Coffee Brewer is very well designed and is an efficient coffee maker. Listed below are some of the main features of this brewer:

  • Good capacity – This coffee maker can brew ten cups of coffee in less than three minutes. This is actually a fraction of what other coffee makers take in total to brew that much quantity of coffee.
  • Innovative internal hot water tank – It has an internal hot water tank, which maintains an internal temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. When you start brewing, the process begins at once because the water is already hot.
  • Great aroma and taste – Since the temperature of the water is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it manages to extract maximum flavor from the beans. The outcome – a delightful cup of full bodied coffee.
  • Unique spray head – The coffee maker has a well designed spray head that soaks the beans very effectively; flavor extraction is maximized because of it.
  • Excellent filter coffee – Some of us love filtered coffee. If you are one of us, let us tell you that this brewer is a great machine for that. It happens to be one of the best machines in the market for filter coffee.
  • Warming plate – The carafe is in glass and it comes with a porcelain coated warming plate.
  • Compliance to all standards – The Bunn Nhbb Velocity Brew is fully compliant with all North American Electrical Standards.

Advantages of the Bunn Coffee Brewer

If you love drinking filter coffee then the Bunn Coffee Brewer is the best machine in the market. It is absolutely wonderful for making filter coffee.

  • Makes large quantities – You can make four to ten cups from this brewer. And since ten cups are made in just three minutes, you and your friends will love the coffee experience.
  • Very thoughtful design – The designers of the Bunn Coffee Brewer have thought of every aspect in this coffee machine. The carafe is of glass, the water tank is of stainless steel and the warming plate has a coating of porcelain. No aspect has been ignored.
  • Excellent coffee – The coffee from this coffee maker tastes great. The brewing is even and the taste stays the same upon regular use. And please note that you don’t need to spend a hefty sum on K cups.

The Cons

There is just one problem with this machine. It does not offer you any variety. You can only drink filter coffee with it. But if you don’t really need variety in coffee, this should not bother you. The coffee maker does a good job of making tasty filter coffee.

Final Words on this Coffee Maker

On the whole, the Bunn Coffee Brewer is a great coffee brewer that has amazing timing and impressive capacity. If you take a good care of such things, it might continue to serve you for many years to come. Click here to read consumer reviews and find this product on Amazon.

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Review: BUNN My Cafe Single Serve Pod Brewer Overview

Review: BUNN My Cafe Single Serve Pod Brewer Overview

bunn my cafe single serve pod brewer overview

Are you looking to purchase a decent quality coffee maker for home use? BUNN My Café Single Pod Brewer can be a great choice. An established and well known appliance brand, BUNN guarantees you a swift time in brewing the perfect cup of coffee instantly.

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The best feature of BUNN MCU is that you can brew amazing tasting tea and coffee using single K-cups. It can also be used with loose tea or even tea bags.

This coffee maker is a perfect investment for your kitchen, and here’s telling you all that you need to know about it.

Product Quality and Design

The physical appearance of BUNN MCU, when compared with other coffee makers, may not be as attractive. It is combination of plastic and metal, and is nowhere closer to the sleek and modern-looking appliances. But performance-wise, it’s a lot better than most other products in the market right now.

It comes with detachable brewing heads. These heads can slide out and in, swiftly. And, though smaller in size, it can brew anything from tea pods and coffee pods to even ground coffee. Two separate brewing drawers are available too – one for pods of coffee and teabags, while the other for ground coffee. In case you just need a cup of hot water, you can get that too!

It is this amazing flexibility that accounts for its superiority to other, more fashionable coffee makers within similar price range. It is the reason why this brewing machine finds place in the top hotels, restaurants and coffee shops worldwide.

Although this isn’t a sleek and stylish product, it sure is highly durable and comes in a very compact design.

Easy to Use Machine

Operating this amazing brewing machine is the simplest thing ever. It is backed with only 2 buttons – the “pulse” button and the “brew” button – to make it more convenient.

The “pulse” button makes use of control bursts, which enhance time for which it is steeped, and thereby impart a strong flavor. The appliance can be easily turned ON – you just need plug it into a socket and an indicating light changes color to green from red.

Although it doesn’t store any extra water in comparison to the other models, its amazing brewing capacity makes up perfectly for this defect. You just have to pour some water before brewing each cup. That’s it!

Preparing the brew is easy. Each drawer contains a mesh – you can just pour in the ground coffee and slide it in. Since this appliance is tailor-made to brew tea and coffee from coffee pods, tea bags and K-cups, this is becoming quite popular among masses! And, no matter what method you choose, all you need to do is press a button to get the perfect brew!

Cleaning this appliance is fairly simple. Dump off coffee grounds, tea bags or whatever you choose to use, and rinse the drawer thoroughly. It’s that simple.

Amazing Performance

The machine is not only super easy to operate, but it brews your favorite beverage in just a matter of 15-20 seconds (for 8 ounce cup)! The speed is incomparable to any of the products we have reviewed until now.

BUNN My Café works well with any kind of coffee or tea. The “pulse” button in particular deserves a special mention for brewing the ground coffee just perfectly.

The appliance comes devoid of temperature control, which is drawback. Always ensure to let the cup cool for sometime before pulling it off.

Although a bit on the noisier side, it is highly efficient when it pushes water through the pipes to clear it off after each cycle.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

When using the appliance for the first time, the first cycle needs to be run with water alone. This ensures that the product does not contain a speck of dust.

The appliance is easy to clean after each use. Just wipe clean the whole assembly. You may lift out its metal base to empty the dripping tray located underneath. All accessories, such as the drip try and the drawers can be safely washed in a dishwasher.

Great Service by BUNN

The most amazing part of this coffee maker is that it comes with limited warranty of two years. And as you probably know, BUNN is well known for its superior customer service quality.

Final Words on Bunn My Café

Surely, this isn’t top of the line coffee maker reviewed by us, but as far as the brewing quality and ease of access is concerned, there isn’t any parallel to it either. Good construction quality, 2 years warranty period, choices in brewing and high performance make this coffee maker a value product overall. It’s a great product for any average to extreme coffee lovers, especially if you’re in love with coffee brewed from freshly ground powder! Click here to read consumer reviews or find this coffee maker at the best price on Amazon.

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