Review: Chemex 6 Cup Glass Coffee Maker – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Chemex 6 Cup Glass Coffee Maker – Coffee Maker Review

chemex 6 cup glass coffee maker - coffee maker review
When it’s the German brand Chemex, you can always expect high class coffee. The inventor, Peter Schlumbohm may have invented the first Chemex coffeemaker accidently while inventing a laboratory filtering, but the end result was a great coffeemaker with amazing filtering capabilities.

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After more than seven decades, Chemex is still regarded as one of the best makers of coffee making appliances around the world. This particular model with its elegant and sleek design was much like love at first sight for coffee aficionados. And, when the first cup was savored, this love just scaled greater heights. But, nothing’s perfect. This coffee maker’s inability to keep the coffee hot was a letdown for many users.

An Overview of Chemex 6 – Get to Know this Machine Better

Although the brand name is enough to judge the vitality of this product, we would like to dissect it a bit for your convenience.

  • Ease of Cleaning: Cleaning this product is quite an easy and swift task. You just need to fill warm water into the appliance, swish it about a few times, and clean. But afterwards, when the coffee starts staining the carafe with brown residues, you may encounter some issues. Since light scrubbing isn’t possible, you may use a baby bottle cleaner that easily fits into the product; scrub it lightly and finely. And, if you’re unwilling to go that far, you may use a little bleach once in a while along with the warm water to clean it off. If you’re planning a nice “bubble bath” for your Chemex, make sure to detach the wooden cuff around the product’s neck. If not, the water gathering between the wooden cuff and the glass can make this otherwise stylish machine look ugly.
  • Longer Brew Period: It’s not exactly fast. With finely ground coffee, however, brew time can be reduced by a good margin.
  • The Coffee Filters: The coffee maker only uses only its own coffee filters. However, the inability to find the same at your nearest stores may raise quite many eyebrows, but you may shop for them here as well as at At around $8 for a set of 100 coffee filters, the price isn’t much at all. But make sure to order them well ahead of your time lest you run out of stock on those at hand.

Why You May Want to Choose this Coffee Maker

  • Stylish: Elegant design and modern features will make you fall in love with this machine.
  • Easy to Clean: Although it appears quite difficult to clean at first, after reading the whole review, you will never irk when it comes to cleaning this machine.
  • Nice Product at a Great Price: It’s priced at around $40-$50. With its nice looks, simple and easy-to-use features along with the goodwill of the brand, the product is a steal at this amazing rate.
  • Quality of the Brew: All that it matters to everyone is whether the brewer can brew a perfect cup of java or not. This machine brews some great tasting coffee with the perfect bitterness and a rich flavor that all of us crave for!

Can Coffee Filters of Other Brands Be Used?

Of course, you may use them, but Chemex doesn’t guarantee you a great cuppa then. In fact, the Chemex Coffee Filters make an integral part of the coffeemaker. Being on the heavier side, unbleached and cleansed with oxygen, the filter prevents just the right amount of the unwanted stuff that turns your coffee bitter.

Few Negatives that You Need to Take Note of

The ill position of the lid makes this brewer somewhat messy. You have to adjust its position in order to keep it clean while brewing.

Coarse ground beans also don’t seem to work too well with this product. However, if you use finely ground beans, you may always get some amazing brews! But due to its inability to keep the coffee warm for long, you may as well have to drink it before its too late.

Final Words on the Product

The Chemex is quite a nice product to invest upon. It is stylish and brews just the perfect cup of coffee always. And, if you have read this review, you must not face any problem in cleaning the same as well. Yes, points have been deducted on its slow brewing process. But then again, you can fasten the process by using finely ground coffee beans!
However, on rough handling, the product may not last you long, as pointed out by some reviewers on Amazon. So, try to be careful on this part, and you can brew some amazing cups of coffee, always! Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online.

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