Review: Coleman Portable Propane – Coffeemaker Review

Review: Coleman Portable Propane – Coffeemaker Review

coleman portable propane - coffeemaker review
Your morning can get pretty dull and boring without a good cup of coffee to start the day with. More often than not, lack of a good coffee maker is what it boils down to. It’s not so for all. Take a look at the features of this all new coffee maker.

This kitchen accessory is perfect for small families who love their coffee and relish different blends of varied strengths.

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If you happen to be an outgoing person, who likes his or her coffee even on the move, this device can be included with your regular travelling gear. Most coffee makers on the go will tire you with inconsistent quality and cumbersome routines. The experience with this one would not be so.

Main Features of the Coleman Portable Propane

  • Ideal for camping and travelling – The device surely delivers a great and easy to make cup of coffee. As an add-on to your camping equipment, it greatly improves the quality of the outdoor experience. And since it runs on propane, you can dump a stove, percolator and cords from your list.
  • Stainless steel carafe – The coffee maker’s carafe is made of stainless steel. This improves durability of the machine and also keeps the coffee warm for a longer time. Aesthetically and creatively designed, pouring out from this carafe is completely drip free.
  • Insta- start button – All it takes is a touch and push one button to ignite the coffee maker, ready for instant use to make a steaming cup of coffee. The sturdy device can cater to a crowd preparing a batch of ten cups of coffee, brewed in just eighteen minutes in a hassle free way without having to light a stove, fill water or start a fire. The device’s cylinder capacity of 4500BTU is more than enough for regular rounds of coffee sipping.
  • Perfect flow regulator – Trekking and camping to great heights needn’t be a problem for your regular cup of coffee with this coffee maker. The innovative technology packed in regulates the heat, keeping it constant and brews out hot coffee, unlike many others coffee makers which only churn out lukewarm or even cold coffee at such altitudes. This has been made possible by maintaining a regular fuel flow from the cylinder.
  • Ideal for short trips – The propane cylinder powers the device for almost five hours in a go and if you have coffee just twice a day, the device will last out for a few days without any trouble.
  • Warranty for three years – This home brewing machine comes with a three year warranty.
  • Storage clips – When you are not using the device, it can be easily packed and stored away. And when you want to use, it comes with an easy to use regulator connection with specially designed storage clips.
  • Very light weight – The coffee maker does not weigh too much, so you don’t have to think twice before adding it to your must take list.

Advantages of the Coleman Portable Propane

Works exactly like a drip brew coffee maker – The device works like a home coffee machine – you place a filter, add our coffee and allow it to brew.

Very easy to clean – The device is easy to clean. The filter and carafe, both are dishwasher safe.

The device is not very small and cannot be adjusted in a back pack or carried around for long walking trails, unless of course you are a coffee addict and would anything for a hot cup of coffee. The company claims that it takes just 15 minutes but it takes longer to brew a cup of coffee. And strangely, the carafe can only hold 8 cups not ten.

Overall the product is a great buy, more so because it comes from the house of Coleman. If you follow the usage instructions carefully, you can expect it to perform well. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online.

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