Review: Coffee Maker Review: Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Review: Coffee Maker Review: Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot

coffee maker review hario mizudashi cold brew coffee pot
The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is a delight for coffee lovers who vouch for the unique taste of cold drip coffee. Hario in collaboration with Mizudashi has come up with this delightful model for homes. The coffee maker is an all in one device, which just needs beans. With this product, you just need to load the basket with grounds, pour in the right amount of cold water and you are all set!

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The filter is easy to remove, and this smart looking coffee maker can be used for service and storage. The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is designed to offer you the services of a French Press and cold brew in one. It is the simplicity of the design which makes it a top seller from Hario. In eight hours of soaking in total, you get coffee which is full bodied and has a rich taste. The compact and sleek design is almost perfect even for small kitchens. You get a whole liter of cold and strong coffee to enjoy with your family members or friends. And even if you top up with some ice cubes, the flavor stays rich and bold.

Main Features of Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot

The working mechanism of this coffee maker is very simple. If you follow the instructions, there should be no problem at all.

  • Shelf life of one week – After the coffee is brewed, just remove the filter, wash it and keep it aside. What you get is a pretty container with coffee to last a week.
  • No acidic undertones – Coffee brewed by cold water has a much smoother taste and is very low on acids. This coffee is very apt for users who frequently complain of stomach ache due to acidity.
  • Elegant design – The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot has a curvaceous carafe which looks classy sitting on your kitchen counter top.
  • Good quality filter – The coffee maker comes with a permanent filter which is very easy to clean.
  • Made in Japan – The coffee maker comes from the famous house of Hario; the company is well known the world over for manufacturing durable highly plastic components and tough glass.
  • Choice in size – You can choose from a 600ml or 1000ml model, depending upon your day to day requirements.
  • No hassle of filters – The most useful feature of this coffee maker is the fact that you don’t need any extra filters for it. It comes with a permanent filter which is easy to clean with soap and sponge.
  • Full bodied coffee – The coffee that is brewed is rich in taste and has a full body taste.

Advantages of the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot

If you can’t do without a pot of cold brew coffee in summers, this may just be the right coffee maker for you!

  • Sturdy material – The glass of this coffee maker is very sturdy and the plastic of top quality. Construction quality looks great overall.
  • Very convenient filter – The mesh of the filter is super fine. It is very easy to use; washing it takes a few minutes only.
  • Affordable – It is a sound investment if you are a coffee lover. And don’t forget that you also get a permanent filter without having to spend an extra penny.
  • Delicious coffee – The cold coffee is absolutely delicious. The long steeping and slow extraction elevate the flavor to a whole new level.
  • Multiple uses – Not just cold coffee, this coffee maker can be used to make tea as well.
  • All-in-one design – The coffee maker requires no additional components or accessories. Everything has been integrated into a single device.

There are some cons about this model, which are not so significant but still worth mentioning. Brewing, for instance, takes at least eight hours or more. This can be a little frustrating if you wish to sip on cold coffee immediately. But if you are a regular coffee drinker, you know that you’d always be planning beforehand.

On the whole, if the flavor of coffee is your primary concern, the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is a great buy. The convenience of brewing will totally spoil you. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online.

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Review: Hario V60 – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Hario V60 – Coffee Maker Review

hario v60 coffee maker review
The Hario V60 can be described as a coffee dripper, which replicates the mechanism of an automatic drip coffee machine. But you pay just a fraction of what you will for an automated coffee maker. The Hario V60 is a ceramic coffee maker, partly designed for brewing one or two cups of coffee at one time. It looks classy and very sleek. This Japanese style coffee maker is sure to catch the fancy of all who enter your kitchen. The coffee is brewed directly into the cup and you require no server.

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The filter cone is grooved form the inside which prevents the filter from sticking to the sides. The coffee is brewed at the right pace and you get your perfect up every time.

How Do I Make Coffee With The Hario V60?

Making coffee in the Hario V60 is very simple. You just need to follow the instructions.

Start by folding the paper along the seams and placing it inside the cone. The bottom of the Hario V60 is placed over the cup in which you intend to have coffee. Add about 12g of medium fine grounds; you can measure them with the scoop; it is included in the package. Add little hot water and moisten the coffee grounds. Allow the coffee to bloom for at least thirty seconds. Pour the rest of the water and let the coffee drip through. In about three minutes, your coffee will be ready. For best results, pour water on the beans and not the cone. Most users recommend that water should be poured in a circular motion.

You needn’t worry about the temperature; the extraction system is capable of maintaining high temperature. The extraction mouth has 21 holes that can brew a fine cup of coffee. When you look at the Hario V60, you see a perfect cone with ridges that resemble a vortex, inside a huge hole.

The Hario V60 is definitely for those coffee lovers who look for versatility in a coffee maker. If you live a stressful life and are in a rush all the time, Hario V60 may not be so great a choice. The channeling of the water has to be precise if you want a good cup of coffee every time. So basically, you will have to pay it some attention.

What Are the Key Features of the Hario V60?

Before we elaborate on the features, it should be understood that if you are selecting Hario V60 as your first coffee maker, you will have to give yourself time and some practice. You will have to train yourself on pouring water at the right temperature, as very hot water can scald the beans and warm water will make the coffee weak. So give yourself and the Hario V60 a fair chance; once you get a hang of it, the coffee maker will reward you with a great cup of coffee every time.

  • Filters for Hario V60 – The manufactures of the Hario V60 recommend only the Hario filters for this model. They can be ordered online. Although you will read reviews of users using every other filter in this model, we are not in favor of that.
  • Coffee for Hario V60 – You can select any coffee of your choice. Just keep in mind that it needs to be of a medium fine grind.
  • The server – The bottom of the Hario V60 fits perfectly in all kinds of cups. But if you are looking for a precise measurement, we can tell you that the inner ring measures 2 ¼ inches and the outer ring is 41/2 inches wide.
  • Cleaning and maintenance – The Hario V60 is very easy to clean. Just throw the filters and give a quick rinse to the rest with soapy water. It is dishwasher safe; so, you needn’t worry about that. Just remember to rinse the soap properly.

Advantages of the Hario V60

The main attraction of the Hario V60 is the allowance that it offers to coffee lovers to make coffee just the way they want it. They don’t need to rely on a machine and not pay hefty price for their ‘very own’ cup of coffee either. You get the freedom to change your brew methods and don’t need to rely on a machine to program it for you.

The other main feature of the Hario V60 is its portability. It can be carried in a bag to outdoor events like trekking, camping. Just because you are on a holiday, does not mean you can’t have coffee your way. At just 2.84 ounces, it is perhaps lightest coffee maker in the market.

Is This Coffee Maker Right For You?

An affordable product, the Hario V60 is a good deal for sure. You can also pick a glass model in case you are not interested in the plastic version.

The only problem with this model is the procurement of filters. They are not available locally and need to be ordered online. And if you are coffee lover who doesn’t like to wait for his coffee, then the Hario V60 is sure to test your patience. The Hario V60 is for consumers who believe coffee drinking is an art. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online.

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