Review: Keurig K75 Platinum Single-Cup Brewing System

Review: Keurig K75 Platinum Single-Cup Brewing System

keurig k75 platinum single cup brewing system

Think about coffee maker with single cup, and you will end up exploring Keurig’s product line. Keurig’s latest offering, Keurig K75 Platinum System is the right one for all those coffee lovers who need a fresh and hot cup of coffee several times a day.

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Designed to perfection, the K75 from Keurig is an award winning coffee maker, the best in its category and ideal for personal use. It is backed with a water reservoir and an LCD display, both lit in blue. And, the best part of it is, you can now brew delectable cups of coffee or tea; and a plethora of iced beverages and hot cocoa by pushing a single button. What more could you possibly ask for when you choose a single up brewing machine?

To see if the product lives up to your expectations, read on. Described below are features, advantages and everything else that users need to know before buying.

Product Construction, Quality and Design

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish coffee maker, then the Keurig K75 System is perfect for you. Apart from its sleek design, the appliance has a bright blue LED screen that lights the water reservoir. It lends an attractive get-up to the whole appliance and makes it suit all types of kitchen interiors easily.

The LED display gives way to a digital clock to set the time and comes with a drip tray; this component is detachable and can be removed with great ease. Also, you can easily place your travel mugs on the easy-to-replace drip tray and keep them handy!

Although Keurig’s brand name plays a vital role in deciding its longevity, the appliance is mostly made of plastic, and hence, may be slightly less durable than the other similar products we’ve reviewed. But it is true that there are hardly any other single up coffee makers that could be as valuable and inexpensive as K75 Platinum from Keurig.

Backed with its amazing reviews from real consumers and beautiful design, the coffee maker will surely be an integral appliance of your kitchen.

Simple and Easy to Use

Operating this amazing appliance is very easy! With the touch of a finger, you can now brew amazing cups of coffee, tea and other beverages.

The machine starts siphoning reservoir water to the tank inside when you turn ON the appliance. Therein the water starts heating and becomes ready in minutes when you need a cup ready for instant rejuvenation. And, guess the time taken to wrap off this whole process? It takes just about 3-4 minutes. That’s a whole lot less than the waiting time at a corner café, is that not so?

The Platinum Brewing mechanism of the coffee maker is fairly simple. It is fitted with 4 buttons that let you brew a cup of coffee to your personal liking. This control panel also allows you to change the cup size of your beverages – from 4 ounces serving (extra small) to a six ounce serving (small), and from a 8 ounce serving (small mug) and 10 ounce serving (regular mug) to your travel mug of 12 ounces!

Cleaning this product is also very easy. You just have to run a water cycle to clean – just fill in water, hit the “start” button and there you go.  A wise thing to do is to run this cleaning process each time you use the appliance; just make sure there’s not a single speck of dust left.

Performance of the Coffee Maker

As far as the performance is concerned, this K75 has been subjected to mixed reviews. According to reviews, when the appliance is ready with a full reservoir, a cup of coffee will take around 43 to 50 seconds. Hence, you may really find this tedious if you’re a coffee connoisseur.

The K75 reportedly brews a bitter tasting coffee with watery consistency. But it may go unnoticed for the people who aren’t much of a coffee expert.

Service and Support

One of the first things that hit the eye of a prospective buyer is the appliance’s limited one year warranty as compared to the two years’ warranty provided by BUNN My Café.

If you’re looking for no nonsense appliance as far as its maintenance is concerned, then this product with its long list of do’s and don’ts isn’t really for you.

For example, you need to de-scale the K75, after continuous use for three to six months. This becomes quite fussy an affair even though the screen features a Descale feature on the control panel. Besides, like all the other brewing machines, cleaning and washing the accessories has to be done separately and regularly. However, considering its price, approximately $200 or tad higher, you may want a longer warranty time than merely a year.

Final Words

For the connoisseurs, the Keurig K75’s brewing system will not be able to satisfy the taste buds. However, for regular coffee drinkers, it’ll present you with regular, average coffee always.

If you’re a tech-addict, then the amazing features of this brewing machine are surely going to leave you impressed. The LED screen, Auto On/Off system, digital clock, t adjustable temperature feature and preferred cup size can instantly sway any techie!

In spite of its sleek design, the unit can hold enough water for 10 regular cup sizes, and the cleaning becomes easier too.

All in all, if you’re looking for a decent, easy-to-use single cup coffee maker, then this is it! Click here to find this product at the best price online.

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