Review: Krups Km720d50 Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Review: Krups Km720d50 Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

krups km720d50 programmable 12-cup coffee maker review
Backed with immense popularity and goodwill, Krups is a name that induces confidence in construction quality of its products. This particular brewing machine is yet another wonder produced by this German company. Its sleek appearance with stainless steel finish comes coupled with a glass carafe along with an LCD screen. Such brilliant and regal features give a touch of elegance to every kind of kitchen décor.

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Krups Brewer – Getting to Know this Product Better

  • Coffee is good: It’s highly programmable design along with the “aroma” option lets you brew a rich cup of coffee every time. This feature impresses us the most.
  • Overall machine quality: This brewer is backed with hi-tech features, and is amazingly programmable. This makes it very easy to use as well. However, its tiny and odd location for adding water can be troublesome for some users. A couple of not-so-happy consumers also pointed out the insecure positioning of the basket.
  • User friendly: The machine, with its amazing programs, is quite easy to use and clean.
  • Durability: As far as its quality and durability is concerned, this particular model of Krups Brewer doesn’t enjoy many favorable reviews. It is easily breakable, as pointed out by many. And, taking into consideration the limited number of service centers Krups has in the US, you may be inviting quite some trouble if you are not the kind of person who can handle such appliances with good care.
  • Evenly priced: Compared to the other models at around the same price, this brewer around $76 on Amazon comes with some nice features. Besides, its stylish design along with the classy glass carafe makes it quite an investment at this price.
  • Looks Great. Having a stainless steel body that carries a nice glossy sheen and superior quality glass carafe, this coffee maker will effortlessly suit every kind of kitchen décor.
  • Versatility: This model of Krups is loaded with amazing features, including an auto shut-off option, and a ‘pause and serve’ button. Also, it will comfortably keep your coffee warm for about an hour. So, at this price, you won’t really be disappointed with the myriad features it has to offer.

Some Negatives about the Machine

The coffee maker has an LCD screen which indicates the various operations. Although hi-tech, programmable features make it a convenient machine for everyday use, not everyone in your family may be able to use it correctly in the beginning.

Also, you may also get burns in case you touch the sides of the brewer while brewing is on. So, please avoid doing that.

Is This the Perfect Machine For You?

Like all the other appliances, this model of Krups too has its own flaws. If you can overlook the limitations we listed out above and admire the benefits it offers, by all means, go ahead and buy it at the best price on Amazon.

You may always want to order an additional glass carafe, in case the present one breaks all of a sudden. And, if there are any technical issues early on, don’t forget to ask for a replacement as early as possible!

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Review: Krups Km9008 Cup On Request – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Krups Km9008 Cup On Request – Coffee Maker Review

krups km9008 cup on request coffee maker review
The Krups Km9008 Cup On Request is a top rated coffee maker. The device is capable of extracting flavor from coffee grounds at high temperatures. If you have been using a coffee maker with a carafe, you can consider upgrading to the Krups Km9008 Cup On Request, as it has an innovative feature that dispenses the exact amount of coffee you need whenever you need it. Just press a button and collect desired quantity of coffee (1-12 cups).

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The coffee in this coffee maker stays warm for up to four hours. It can be used to entertain medium size groups of friends and small families too. It is practically an on-demand coffee machine where the coffee maker stores the coffee in the internal carafe.

When you order Km9008, you get the coffee you like, the way you like it and when you like it.

Main Features of the Krups Km9008 Cup On Request

A modern age coffee maker, Km9008 is perfect for individuals leading busy lives.

  • Easy set up – It’s easy to set up, and delivers consistent performance. It makes a fine cup of coffee, every time.
  • Convenient operations – You just need to press a button, remove the filter holder and detach the internal water container. Now fill 12 cups of water, replace the water container, the filter holder and add the coffee grounds.
  • Programmable operations – The coffee maker can be programmed according to your personal preference. Choose the desired settings and you can wake up to fresh coffee.
  • Set the aroma level – You will also be able to control the flavor of the coffee. You get to choose between a strong or mild flavor.
  • Consistent performance – The internal controls of Km9008 Cup On Request are very impressive. The first cup of coffee tastes as intense as the last.
  • Perfect regulation of temperature – The superior performance of the Krups Km9008 Cup On Request can be attributed to the superior temperature controls.
  • Equipped with latest technology – The coffee maker has a dual heating system that maintains the same taste even when the coffee is stored for up to four hours.
  • Varied settings – You can also feed in the number of cups you require to be brewed. If you are using it over a weekend, the quantity can be increased or decreased.
  • Count down timer – The coffee maker comes with a timer which informs you of when the coffee was brewed.
  • Adjustable drip tray – The Krups Km9008 comes with three positions which pretty much accommodate all kinds of cups and travel mugs.
  • Warranty – The coffee maker comes with a two year warranty.

Advantages of the Krups Km9008 Cup On Request

  • It is a fully programmable coffee maker. You can decide on what you want.
  • Great flexibility – The Krups Km9008 Cup On Request eliminates the need of carafes. You can pour the coffee directly in your favorite mug.
  • No heater plate – You need to understand that since there is no heater plate, the coffee maintains its taste in the stainless steel carafe.
  • Remembers your settings – A smart coffee maker, it allows you to feed in the settings that can be stored. This way, you can be sure to get that extra large mug of coffee on Sundays.
  • Know the quality of coffee – You don’t need to drink stale coffee. The countdown timer will keep you informed of the last brew time.
  • Easy to clean – The overall functionality of the Krups Km9008 Cup On Request is very high. It is easy to clean. Just remove the water reservoir, the filter basket and clean the in the sink.
  • Detachable water reservoir – You don’t need to pull the coffee maker every time. Just remove the water reservoir, fill it up and place it back.

We did not find any serious problems with this coffee maker. But, you need to keep it really clean at all times for smooth functioning. The product is a bit expensive (considering its average construction), no doubt, but it will provide you with great coffee every day. Brew speed (7 to 10 minutes for full pot) is just alright and the coffee maker looks good too. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online.

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