Review: Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express – Coffee Maker Review

lance larkin be 110 brew express coffee maker review
The Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express is ideal for coffee lovers who are looking for a compact and top-end coffee maker. It is also great for those who don’t have enough time to fill up the coffee maker with water every time they want to have a cup. The Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express can be best defined as a self-filling, built-in-the wall coffee system.

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You can plug it into the water supply of your home and forget all about it. All you need to do now is to add the coffee. Simple as that!

The stainless steel finish and the black accents make it a value add-on to any kitchen. This model has a redesigned carafe with several improvements over the last version.  It manages to retain the heat and freshness of the coffee for several hours at a stretch.

To make a cup of coffee in Be 110 Brew Express, you can just pour the grounds, press in the program and relax. The coffee maker will handle it from here. Impressed yet? Let’s read about the features and main benefits of this coffee maker.

Main Features of the Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express

It’s a fully automated coffee maker. It’s designed to elevate your coffee drinking experience.

  • Gets connected to the water supply – You can simple attach the Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express to the under sink supply line and hard wire to the power supply.
  • Impressive blooming – The showerhead in the coffee maker is large enough to spread the water evenly over the grounds. This ensures that you get a consistent brew every time. And you will be surprised to know that coffee is brewed in half the time taken by a conventional coffee maker.
  • Built-in infrared sensor – The sensor in this device prevents water over flow to an effective degree. It allows you to remove the carafe or mug at any time, without fearing any mess.
  • Fully programmable timer – The Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express comes with a smart timer. So precise are its operations that your coffee will be ready at the precise time you want it to.
  • Soft Blue nightlight – A nightlight has been installed. You can easily reach out for your first cup of coffee with ease. The base of the coffee maker is super sensitive.
  • Built-in the wall – With a recessed design, the coffee maker saves valuable space on the kitchen counter. It also comes with a rough-in box, which makes wall mounting easy.
  • Improved carafe – The new and improved carafe can be kept on the table or in the next room and there will be very little heat loss.
  • Superior finish- The Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express has a satin chrome finish that goes well with other appliances in the kitchen.
  • Single cup facility – If you live alone, you can always use the single cup brew basket; it is included in the product kit.
  • Carafe lock – There is a lock that can be installed on the carafe. If you have young children at home, this can come very handy. It prevents the carafe from sliding and spilling.

Chief Advantages of the Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express

  • Impressive machine – It’s indeed a premier “integrated coffee system.” It is no doubt a bit expensive but it sure does offer great value for money. After all, the coffee maker comes with so many features including connection to the plumbing and wiring.
  • Flexibility – A flexible device, this coffee maker can be installed in bedrooms, yachts, kitchen and boats with great ease.
  • Good capacity – You will be able to brew a single cup or dozen cups at once. The quantity is enough for even small family gatherings!
  • Latest technology – The coffee maker complies by all standards of the SCAA. This compliance assures that you get a consistent brew, every time. The incoming water might be at any temperature and the voltage too may vary but the quality of coffee will stay the same.
  • Thermal Carafe – The carafe is made of double walled stainless steel. You can just detach and place it on the table like a kettle.

We really could not find any cons for this model. The only thing we can wish for, however, is that the Lance Larkin Be 110 Brew Express could come with a battery backup. This way, brewing settings could be easily saved.

Should you get this coffee maker?

Price is a bit on a heavy side and if you are not willing to spend this much, you may want to check out some other models. But, the coffee quality is great. In terms of construction quality, cleaning use, durability and brew speed, this coffee maker is a superb product. You can read reviews by real consumers on Amazon to know more about this product.

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