Review: Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal – Coffeemaker Review

Review: Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal – Coffeemaker Review

melitta 46894 10 cup thermal coffeemaker review
Known for its innovations and contributions to the fraternity of coffee and coffee making, the brand Melitta is one of the best the world has ever seen. But for some reason, average coffee consumers the world over are not yet familiar with this famous German brand.

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Although the Melitta 46984 isn’t the best coffee maker the brand has to offer, yet it may just be the one you have so long waited to purchase for home use. As always, we’ll suggest you to go through a detailed review here which is based on thorough analysis of features, feedback from users and other such information before purchasing the product for your benefit.

What Are Some Of The Important Features Of This Coffee Maker?

To set out the perfect platform for you to judge this machine’s efficiency against the others, we’ve listed some important features of this brewer just for you.

  • Robust Coffee: The first thing that you will notice in this coffeemaker is its provision of a Robust Coffee setting alongside the Regular and Bold. This is especially perfect for someone who loves his bitter tasting but flavorful cups of java.
  • Thermal Carafe: Due to its usage of thermal carafes, the brewer excels in maintaining the temperature just perfectly. However, like always, individual preferences may vary.
  • Pause and Serve Function: If you decide to grab a cuppa before all the 10 cups get brewed, you may gladly do so thanks to its amazing ‘pause-and-serve’ function. And, thanks to the provision of the thermal carafe, the outside temperature is maintained perfectly, guaranteeing you safety while working with the machine.
  • Non-Removable Water Reservoir: Non removable water reservoir makes it quite cumbersome and tricky to fill in water. Besides, the machine takes up quite some space because of this irremovable water reservoir.
  • Blue LED Clock: The brewer comes with a bright blue LED clock right in the center. While this feature may be loved by some, many people are not so fond of its brightness. Besides, it’s quite difficult to see the time from an angular position or from a distance in the kitchen when you are multitasking. And, even if you’re pretty convinced you’d love it, make sure its brightness doesn’t ruin your kitchen décor.
  • Coffee Maker Quality: The coffeemaker is very stylish and sturdily built. However, its not-so-perfect reservoir with possible leakages deducts some major points from the overall quality score of the brewer.

What Are The Advantages Of This Coffeemaker?

Although the brand Melitta has always been one of the best ones around, you should never let perception judge your purchase decision. For your convenience, we have jotted some important advantages that you may gain from this product:

  • Price: Available approximately at around $63, it is not so big an investment to make for a 10 cup coffeemaker especially considering its brand value, versatility and ease of use.
  • Ease of Use and Clean: The coffeemaker has a very simple operational system that makes it just perfect to be used even by a novice. Of course, you have to be okay with filling the reservoir from the top.
  • Cleaning: As far as cleaning is concerned, the machine excels here as well. Its simple get-up and structure make everyday cleaning swift and easy.
  • Durability: The brand has been around a century; you needn’t worry about the durability of coffee maker. Even when using it twice daily to brew 10 cups, you should be able to get a fairly long life out of it. But keep in mind that you must clean it on a regular basis.
  • Brew Speed: At 10 minutes for 10 cups, we find the machine quite a swift coffee brewer. Besides, its pause-and-serve option makes the brewing speed all the more commendable and fine.
  • Appearance: It may not look extremely regal and fabulous but its sleek and stylish looks with compact structure will sure please you a whole lot.
  • Versatile: Its user-friendly functionality along with compact design and intuitive functions makes this brewer extremely versatile. It does have certain limitations but overall, the product won’t disappoint you.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Like all other coffeemakers in the market, this one also comes with its own set of shortcomings. The first one that you’ll notice is non-detachable water reservoir. Besides, its incompetency to produce anything less than 4 cups of coffee may irk many (sometimes, all) users. And, at such a rate, you would at least want a 12 or 14 cup brewer: 10 cup brewers are just passé. Reportedly, sometimes it fails to brew a perfect robust or strong coffee.

Final Words on Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a programmable brewer that can efficiently brew 10 cups of coffee in no time, then this is it. Thermal carafe is superb and so is the brewing speed. Also, you get to choose from 3 different coffee settings. You may have to adjust and accommodate a few glitches, but at this amazing price, you would want to go forward and grab your Melitta now! Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online or read consumer reviews on Amazon.

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Review: Melitta 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Overview

Review: Melitta 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Overview

melitta 10 cup thermal coffeemaker overview

Are you searching for a “useful” drip coffee maker having a really attractive price tag? Melitta 46894 10-cup thermal coffeemaker is a good bargain. It brews smooth and perfect tasting coffee. It uses drip machine, which is fitted with a cone shape filter, to extract the flavors better.  You can also adjust how strong or light your coffee should taste.

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What’s best about the coffee maker is the value for money it offers. Despite being priced lower than several other coffee makers in the market, it offers features that compete with those offered by any premium coffee maker. For instance, Melitta 46894 lets you adjust the strength of the coffee. It features a two hour, auto shutoff system.

Along with hot coffee, it lets you prepare your favorite cup of iced tea and coffee. And last but not the least, its thermal carafe helps in keeping the coffee warm for a longer period of time sans any heating plate.

Product Utility and Features

The Melitta 10-up Coffee Maker line is available in two different models. Both the models use a heating plate, but one of them is fitted with a glass carafe, and the other with a thermal carafe. In the latter, the heating plate turns OFF on its own on the completion of a brewing cycle. Moreover, the pot, which is insulated, keeps the coffee hot for longer without any need for reheating.

Along with this, the thermal carafe coffee maker comes with many other advantages: it uses less electric power since the heating element is turned OFF to avoid over brewing.

Constructed like a typical low budget machine, the coffee maker features an automatic drip brewer underneath. This unit doesn’t have room for any stylish water delivery methods, such as those resembling specially-designed spigots that often adorn the more luxurious drip coffee makers. However, this doesn’t stop this coffee maker from brewing some great coffee.

Unfortunately, unlike similar coffee makers within similar price bracket, Melitta doesn’t use any filters for the removal of impurities from the water. Besides, brewing might sometimes pose challenges for users. Many of them have reported a vague water indicator, which is marked with 6, 8 and 10 cups. It will therefore take some practice in order to know the precise amount of water to be used for say a single cup of tea.

However, what puts this coffee maker at par with other expensive models, is the programmable timer. This means you can fix a time for the maker to start brewing your coffee. Another clever addition to the coffee maker is the feature that lets you grab your coffee mid way through the brewing cycle.

Like other coffee making appliances, Melitta also features a built-in function to set the coffee strength completely in tune with your personal preferences. All you need to do is tap the brew strength button. It will adjust the strength settings of the coffee maker and fix them to standard, bold and robust modes to suit your liking. For lovers of iced or cold coffee, this coffee maker can swirl up an amazing pitcher full of iced coffee—now isn’t that something really cool?


In comparison to other coffee machines in the same price bracket, Melitta 10-cup Thermal Coffeemaker is regal, easy-to-carry machine. It is approximately 10 inches wide and 14.5 inches tall, and weighs around 6.5 pounds, which make its mobility around the kitchen an easy task indeed.

Its front face comes in stainless steel while the remaining body is made with shiny black polycarbonate.

While you may think that the unit can hold some 10 cups of water, only on closely examining does one notice overflowing holes, close to the 10-cup mark.

What is then the ideal way of measuring water? To make a perfect cup of coffee, measure an accurate amount of water in the carafe; it is supplied with the unit.

Performance of the Coffee Maker

Although the machine helps you wrap up the best coffee in an instance, the flavor may not be to the liking of all coffee lovers. We say this because the unit does not use a water filter and also because the water does not get hot enough as desired. But for most of us, this slight fault in taste may easily go unnoticed.

Final Words on Melitta 10-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

If you want a good cup of coffee daily within a strict budget, then this is simply apt for you. Its double lined thermal coffee carafe along with the basket resembling a cone to house coffee grounds, make this product a desirable coffee machine within a stringent budget of around $50. Yes, that’s less than the amount of money you would spend on coffee cups in a fortnight if you need this rejuvenating drink at least once or twice a day.

So, if you’re okay with a slightly bitter tasting coffee with watery consistency, then having this one around in the kitchen will serve the best purpose! It’s totally inexpensive and you cannot perhaps anything ‘better and cheaper’ than this. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price on Amazon.

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