Review: Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Percolator – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Percolator – Coffee Maker Review

presto 02811 12 cup stainless steel percolator coffee maker review
Who wouldn’t like to savor a cup of brilliantly brewed and flavorful cup of coffee the first thing in the morning, and on a regular basis? On top of this, if simplicity matters the most to you, then the Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Percolator may just be the right machine for you.

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Yes, nowadays, with the technological advancements, the percolator method of brewing coffee is much neglected. But would you really mind that when it can provide you with amazing cups of coffee sans any mess or hassle at all?

Let’s take a look at the main features and advantages of this percolator from the house of Presto.

What Are The Main Features Of This Brewer?

Certified by SCAA, the Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Percolator is definitely one of the most sought after coffeemakers in the contemporary times, in spite of it being a percolator. But is it really worth your money? Let’s get to know this coffee making machine a little better:

  • No Plastic Body: Finally here’s a brewer that doesn’t make use of cheap plastic at all. Instead, the whole body is made of stainless steel. This provides an aesthetic look to the brewer while exempting you from being skeptical about your coffee due its non-plastic built.
  • Flimsy and Light Filter Basket Lid: Although the process of brewing in this machine is great, yet, due to its light and flimsy filter lid, some amount of coffee grounds may just overflow during percolation. Besides, you wouldn’t really enjoy sludge on your coffee cup bottoms! However, there are some ways to tackle this problem too.
  • Durability: Once you buy a Presto 02811, you can be rest assured of its durability for no less than 10 years to come!

Main Advantages of Having This Percolator

  • The Price: Purchasing this superb machine will set you back by approximately $42. And, keeping in mind its amazing durability, this investment is definitely worth it!
  • Coffee Quality: If you want slightly bitter tasting and strong coffee, then this is it. It brews a richly flavored coffee in no time for you. However, there are certain complaints about its inefficiency in wrapping up a perfect cuppa, but that’s probably because of a faulty method of coffee making on a percolator.
  • Easy to Use: Definitely the brewer deploys a very easy method to brew cups of coffee, but of course, it isn’t as easy as an auto drip. In spite of using a paper filter, you may face tad bit of problem, but frankly, you won’t really be irritated to go through the process everyday!
  • Great to Look at: Thanks to its 100% stainless steel built, it looks very regal and plush in your kitchen, and suits any kind of décor just perfectly. Besides, it’s compact enough to go into any corner with ease.

Some Negatives about this Percolator

  • Hard to use filter basket: Due to the filter basket’s lid being too light and flimsy, overflow of coffee grounds are common. However, you may tackle this problem by using finely ground coffee—this will help prevent the sludge at the bottom. Use filter papers and apply plain water to them so that they stick to the sides of the filter basket; this may help in preventing coffee grounds from overflowing.
  • Coffee Strength: Although the machine brews great tasting cuppas, yet there are complaints about it being poor in strength. However, if you unclog the filter basket properly time and again using a plastic bristle brush, this problem can be tackled properly. The trick is to keep your percolator clean always. Remember this, and enjoy amazing, freshly brewed coffee always.
  • Quality of the Steel Used: Although the all-steel percolator may be quite good news, but its usage of cheap and thin steel may be a huge let down. Along with the faulty filter lid, this flimsy steel layout deducts some vital points from the overall percolator quality.
  • The interior of this coffeemaker is made of aluminum. This may irk many health conscious buyers.
  • Brew Speed: The machine doesn’t take anything less than 12 minutes to brew your coffee. With continued use, the machine may take even longer than that. So, a cup of coffee right on the go may not ever be possible with this percolator. You will have to wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Not So Versatile. Being a percolator, this machine doesn’t provide you with anything more than a good cup of coffee. But, at this age, you would at least want an auto shut-off button to adorn this nonprogrammable machine.

Final Words on this Coffee Maker

If you think you’re tired with the auto drip brewers due to their short life and other hassles, you may want to invest in this low cost machine. At a great price, you get a machine that will last long and deliver good coffee every day for years to come. Click here to find this coffee maker at the best price online or read consumer reviews.

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