Review: Coffee Maker Review: Proctor Silex 43603

Review: Coffee Maker Review: Proctor Silex 43603

coffee maker review proctor silex 43603
Surprisingly, the first feature that draws people to this model is its color. The Proctor Silex 43603 is available in a bright red color, and you have no other choice in color. But if you love red, or in case red happens to go really well with the existing décor of your kitchen, why wouldn’t you want to own this coffee maker! What about the coffee quality and other features, you’d ask. Yes, we are coming to that. Read on.

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Before you judge the coffee maker by its color, we can tell you that this coffee maker comes with a decent punch and manages to impress coffee lovers. The Proctor Silex 43603 is evenly priced and has a decent number of features to offer for its price.

The model offers a durable and consistent performance and is fully SCAA certified. The plastic is BPA free and the size of the showerhead is pretty impressive. On the whole, it is a pretty decent deal which is worth considering when you are scouting for a new coffee maker.

The Best Features of the Proctor Silex 43603

  • Auto pause – You can ‘Pause’ the brewing process and pour yourself a cup by using this feature.
  • Well placed on switch – The coffee maker has a distinct ON switch which tells you whether the machine is working or not.
  • Easy to clean – The components of the Proctor Silex 43603, like the filer basket and the carafe are dishwasher safe. The water window has an easy view for you to see the level of water inside the coffee maker.
  • Durable performance – For the price that you pay for this model, the coffee maker delivers a durable performance. And let’s not forget that the product comes from the house of Proctor Silex, a company many consumers trust worldwide.
  • Impressive capacity – The carafe of the Proctor Silex 43603 can hold up to 12 cups; the quantity of coffee prepared in one go is apt for small families.
  • Stainless steel interior – Since the interior of the coffee maker is of stainless, there is no spilling at the time of pouring.
  • Optional bloom feature – You have the option to use the blooming or saturation feature if you wish to enhance the flavor of the coffee.

Chief Advantages of the Proctor Silex 43603

The coffee maker when delivered to you will look exactly the way you see it online at the reputed retail websites such as Amazon. It offers you the following advantages.

  • Very affordable – The product is very popular amongst consumers who do not want to pay an extravagant amount on a coffee maker.
  • ‘No dribbles’ is a value feature – Unlike other coffee makers, the Proctor Silex 43603 will leave no mess on kitchen countertop.
  • Light weight design – The Proctor Silex 43603 is lightweight and can be carried around easily. It’s perfect for gatherings or events where coffee is to be poured repeatedly to a number of people.
  • Easy to operate – The coffee makers has no complex programs or timer schedules that need to be kept in mind. Just switch it On and it starts working.
  • Surge protector – Electrical surges, if any, won’t damage your appliance; the coffee maker comes with an inbuilt surge protector.
  • Auto shut off – If you forget to switch Off the coffee maker, you need not worry about the coffee getting scorched. .

Are there Any Negatives?

Firstly, the bloom function could have been a little more intuitive. Some users have observed that the water does not come consistently from the showerhead. Secondly, the plastic parts are not of the best quality. Also, the power cord could have been longer than just two feet.

Final Words

On the whole, if you are looking for a coffee maker with no frills, durable performance and decent price, then the Proctor Silex 43603 may just be the right product for you. It looks good, delivers good coffee, lasts fairly long, and is very easy to use and clean. Click here to find Proctor Silex 43603 at the best price online.

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