Review: Yama Coffee Siphon – Coffee Maker Review

Review: Yama Coffee Siphon – Coffee Maker Review

yama coffee siphon coffee maker review
The Yama Coffee Siphon is also called as the Siphon or Syphon. It employs a unique coffee brewing method involving two pots. The coffee maker is placed directly on the heat. Here, water vapor pressure from the lower pot and vacuum help produce a cup of aromatic coffee.

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Pretty conventional, is that not so? Yes, it is.

You might ask as to why you should go for a conventional method of brewing coffee, when in the market you can get the most advanced, super automated models of coffee makers. We must clarify that this method of brewing is not for coffee lovers who are looking for a convenient and quick cup of coffee. If you are searching for a coffee maker that brews coffee in a jiffy, study the specs of single serve coffee makers instead.

The Yama Coffee Siphon is for true coffee nerds, who like to make their coffee in precise proportions. The whole experience excites all your senses and the aroma manages to steer your senses. The Yama Coffee Siphon promises to make your coffee brewing experience a pleasant one.

Features of the Yama Coffee Siphon

  • Hand blown glass – The Yama Coffee Siphon is made from hand blown glass. It comes from the house of Yama, the company that has been making tea and coffee equipment in glass since 1978. The glass of the Yama Coffee Siphon is heat resistant and the chances of it breaking at the time of heating and extraction are negligible.
  • Unique experience – The whole process of heating up the water and brewing is actually very interesting and offers a kind of entertainment, every time coffee is brewed.
  • Good quality filter – The common problem faced by most users when dealing with a Siphon coffee maker is that of plugged filters and slow brewing. Consumers, who have used Yama Coffee Siphon in the past, have reported no such problems.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Excellent flavor – When it comes to taste, the Yama Coffee Siphon performs really well. The final coffee is rich and the quality is even better than that of a French Press. It is incredibly smooth and manages to impresses even the most ardent coffee fan.

The Pros – Main Advantages of the Yama Coffee Siphon

The Yama Coffee Siphon offers a unique coffee brewing experience. Here’s a list of benefits it brings along:

  • A great cup of coffee – The Yama Coffee Siphon delivers a great cup of vacuum brewed coffee at a very decent price.
  • Works well on an electric stove – The coffee maker works well on an electric stove, unlike other models in the same price range.
  • Excellent cloth filter – The most innovative feature of the Yama Coffee Siphon is its cloth filter. The fine material never gets clogged and does a great job of filtering.
  • Affordable price – Compared to other coffee brewers, Yama Coffee Siphon is evenly priced. In case of accidental breaks, the cost of replacement is pretty reasonable too.
  • Choice in 22oz or 40 oz pots – You can choose between the two options as per the need. The former is great for a cup and some more. The latter is convenient when you need to brew few more cups for friends.

The Cons

The cloth filter, should it require a replacement, is not readily available in the market. Although product description says its ‘heat resistant,’ it usually gets very hot and you will need to use mittens to pick it up. And you need to allow all glass parts to cool down completely, to prevent them from cracking. Few users in the past have complained of the glass cracking.  That’s possibly because they were not following the instructions carefully. It clearly states that the Yama Coffee Siphon should be heated at medium high heat. And if you are using an electric stove, remember to place a wire grid below it first.

Should You Get This Coffee Maker?

Available on Amazon at just around $50 – $60, it is indeed a good buy. It’s easy to clean, lasts long, looks good and offers above average brewing speed. The coffee maker is also easy to use and produces great tasting coffee. If you wish to spend less and are not in a mood to invest in an automatic coffee maker right now (for their high price or any other reason), Yama Coffee Siphon is a good buy. Click here to read consumer reviews and find this product on Amazon.

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