Review: Breville Espresso Maker: The Infuser

Review: Breville Espresso Maker: The Infuser

breville espresso maker the infuser
Are you looking for the perfect espresso maker which can serve you with instant espresso in no time? You should take a look at the pictures and specs of Breville Espresso Maker. With this machine around at home, you can enjoy the best espresso ever right in your own couch, served in minutes!

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The Breville BES840XL, also known as The Infuser Espresso Machine, is a great coffee maker for anyone who loves to grind the coffee beans ‘separately.’ Unlike the other coffee makers manufactured and sold by Breville, this particular unit is devoid of a built-in coffee grinder.

Product Construction, Quality and Design

Known for their superior quality design, power-packed construction and top quality products, Breville once again brings to you a great coffee maker at an attractive price tag.

If you believe in falling in love at the first instance, then this one’s absolutely perfect for you. The coffee maker looks regal in this design and its compact size allows it to be seated in any corner or your kitchen with great ease. Available in as many as three different colors – silver, black and red – this coffee maker is a must-have in your kitchen.

No matter whether you prefer having coffee in your regular cups, mugs or even your extra-large mugs, this espresso coffee maker’s hi-tech design can accommodate it all with ease. The sturdy look and the stainless steel finish of the fixtures ensure that the coffee maker blends well in any type of kitchen.

Easy To Use Features

This coffee maker has a thermo-coil heating system of 1600 watts; it is attached to a stainless steel water coil in order to regulate water temperature. The pressure of water is regulated and always kept at a high with the help of its 15 bar Italian pump.

In order to help you with your task to perfection, this espresso maker comes with different types of ‘automatic settings.’ These automatic settings work vis-à-vis the programmable settings, such as the volume of grinds used, the degree of grinding, etc. to stir you the best coffee ever.

There is also an indicator present which lets you know when you need to empty the drip tray; it also reminds you of the time your machine needs a clean up! Isn’t that great? The presence of a superior quality pressure gauge helps you to know quickly whether you’ve set the right extraction pressure or not.

Although each espresso shot’s volume is pre-set, you can overwrite them manually and even reprogram them to your convenience.

Alike all the best espresso machines, this Breville Espresso Infuser also comes with a 3600 rotating steam wand. This wand would allow you to wrap up some excellent cappuccinos and lattes with great ease.

The inclusion of a cup and a cup warmer in the set makes this a great choice indeed. The cup warmer pre-heats the cup beforehand, ensuring perfectly that your freshly brewed coffee stays warm for longer time.

Like always, Breville has paid attention to even the minutest details and came up with yet another amazing, product that allows you to enjoy world-class coffees right on your couch!

Easy To Clean

Cleaning this product isn’t a task at all. All it takes is five minutes from your valuable time. Thanks to its Clean Me and Empty Me indicators, cleaning and emptying the drip tray is easy and hassle free.

The Breville Espresso Coffee Infuser comes with a tidy little cleaning mechanism that can remove as much water possible from the ground coffee right into the filter basket. Hence, removing the resulting residue from the appliance also becomes quite an easy task.

Almost all the parts of this coffee machine can be detached easily; from the water tank to the drip tray, you can remove any component without having to read detailed, complex instructions. The super sleek storage tray attached to the machine houses all the Breville accessories nicely and safely. Therefore, all those accessories that come in contact with coffee and water are 100% BPA free.

Final Words on Breville Espresso Maker the Infuser

If you’re looking for the perfect coffee maker for your home, this indeed is the perfect one. However, if you wish to own a coffee maker with a built-in grinder, then you may go for 870XL unit instead; this one is priced few notches above the Espresso Coffee Infuser.

Priced around $500, it is indeed an investment to be made if you’re a serious coffee lover. Compared to the taste it delivers and features it comes with, the price indeed is justified. You get value for each dollar spent. If you have been spending few bucks every day on espresso, this unit will pay for itself in about two to three months!

The design would fit well in any kind of kitchen interiors; its sturdy finish would let you enjoy classy, freshly brewed coffee for many years to come. Let this little coffee angle adorn your kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

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